Multicultural Team Building

You manage multicultural teams and you wish to facilitate the trade within the group and create a team spirit.

Akteos brings together multicultural teams for a Team Building session to iron out any internal problems and to help them work together more effectively.

Create team synergy

Based on games and case studies run by a consultant, the participants tackle sensitive subjects and learn to handle complex situations. 

They detect shared values, embrace them, consolidate the bases for their work together and identify any "best practices".

Thanks to this « constructive confrontation », a relation based on trust and confidence is built up, making it possible to adopt a common language and processes approved by all


An example of team building
  • An active listening ecercise to build up confidence
  • Team cohesion game
  • Work focusing on the values of the cultures in question
  • Cultural Profile comparison
  • The creation of a joint product (wine, picture, music, etc.)
  • Debriefing and action plan

The participants to a team building are often prepared with trainings on the different attending cultures. Akteos also offers workshops and coaching sessions to developp the skills revealed during the team building.

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