The Nomad' Profiler

Akteos's educational methods are underpinned by the model it has developed, taking account of 10 cultural aspects.

It considers the various cultural references which shape organisations and societies, the influence of cultural preferences on ways of thinking, organising and acting, in addition to the impact of cultural values on interpersonal aspects.

A godsend for the "Global Manager", the Nomad Profile® includes several functions:

  • The Cultural Profiler proposes a guide to make the participant aware of his or her cultural preferences in a professional context;
  • The  Intercultural Comparator makes it possible to position oneself in comparison to others and to anticipate any possible difficulties in understanding; 
  • The Country Files include a wealth of reliable information on mentalities, cultural traits and business life for each country.

The possibilities for the use of the Nomad Profile® are many and varied before, during and after the training course. It will be a valuable travel assistant as you explore different cultures.

A genuine cultural atlas, compass and "decoder", it enables the participants to appreciate cultural differences and to develop their intercultural abilities.


"During my training courses I use the Nomad Profile, which always proves very popular with the participants, who clearly recognise themselves in their cultural profile! They have a lot of fun comparing it with the countries in which they will be working, spotting any major differences which are all areas requiring careful attention. As a client recently told me, "to try it once is to adopt it"!"

Laurence Petit, Intercultural Consultant

10 cultural dimensions

1. Relationship to society
  • Hierarchical distance
  • Applying the rules
  • Focal Point
2. Relationship to work
  • Reasoning
  • Time management
  • Risk-taking
3. Relationship to others
  • Professional relationships
  • Communication
  • Dispute resolution
  • Expressing emotions

Nomad On Line

Nomad On Line has been designed for pressed managers and includes the Nomad Profiler, a debriefing and an e-mail follow-up.

The Nomad Network

The Nomad Profiler is part of the Nomad Network, professional space for exchanges and information reserved for clients and Akteos experts.


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