Managing Cultural Diversity

Module 1: Understand Diversity

1. Understand the concepts

    • Visible and invisible diversity 
    • Identities and values

2. Learn from the different perspectives on diversity

    • Anglo-Saxon perspective: recognize and leverage differences
    • Asian perspective: a focus on gender followed by national culture, race and ethnicity
    • Intercultural approach and the concept of inclusion

3. Knowing the risks

  • Discrimination mechanisms
  • Re-think differences 
  • Asian legal framework

4 Building a strategic vision of diversity

  • The good reasons not to discriminate
  • Non-discrimination, equality and strategic opportunities
  • Develop and execute a D&I vision

Module 2: Strategic Management of Diversity

1. Attract and retain best talents

  • Mindset and processes
  • Assessment and decision
  • Retain and develop talents

2. Communicate

  • Communication differences
  • Understand and use different styles of communication
  • The critical importance of feedbacks

3. Manage

  • Self-assessment of its own way of managing and leading
  • “Invisible” diversity: fault lines, cohesiveness and leader's role
  • Leading a diverse team

4. Resolve conflicts

  • Diverse resolution strategies
  • Managing uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Reconciling multiple perspectives
  • Fostering creative solutions

Managing Cultural Diversity


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