Management without Borders

Module 1: Decoding cultures

1. Identifying cultural differences

  • Understanding the influence of history
  • Measuring the impact of geography, regionalisms and economy
  • Estimating the influence of  religions, philosophies, social norms

2. Understanding the impact of globalization

  • Estimating the impact of globalization on one’s mind-set
  • Identifying the key factors for homogeneity
  • Understanding what does unite/divide people.

3. Analysing the role of cross-cultural communication in working relationships

  • Understanding the importance of power distance
  • Detecting the degree of masculinity and femininity
  • Measuring one’s tolerance for change and uncertainty
  • Identifying individualist and collectivist cultures
  • Approaching different types of time management (linear, circular, rigid, flexible)

4. Adapting communication, avoiding miscommunication

  • Getting a better understanding of the unsaid
  • Examining a significant body language
  • Estimating  distance and conviviality
  • Measuring the degree of affectivity and impartiality

Module 2: Managing in cross-cultural contexts

1. Approaching different types of Management

  • Understanding the meaning of “management” to each culture
  • Examining different management styles
  • Getting to know management strategies
  • Communicating and managing

2. Identifying different perceptions of a manager's role

  • Approaching the role of a manager depending on the local culture
  • Understanding the manager’s perception
  • Detecting what a manager is expected to do
  • Inspiring confidence to local representatives

3. Managing in international contexts

  • Distinguishing working relationships and personal relationships
  • Establishing your objectives and priorities
  • Federating and convincing an audience
  • Negotiating, resolving conflicts
  • Identifying dialectic relationships and interdependencies
  • Detecting power struggles

4. Managing a world without borders

  • Establishing one’s authority and credibility
  • Developing one’s technical and managing skills
  • Managing cross-functional teams
  • Recruiting and rewarding
  • Distance-communicating and managing

Management without Borders


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