Effective Collaboration within Remote Multicultural Teams

Module 1: Setting up a project with a multicultural team

1. Meeting the challenge and the opportunity of international project teams

  • Building high-performing teams (characteristics and life cycle)
  • Meeting the triple challenge of managing across cultures, organisations and distances

2. Understanding the impact of cultural differences on professional relationships

  • Understanding the fundamentals of culture and value systems
  • Stereotypes and the dream of a common language
  • From culture shock to synergy: the different stages of cultural adaptation

3. Mapping cultural differences

  • Surfacing the differences in working practices and communication styles
  • Harmonising working and decision making practices
  • Recognise, respect and reconcile cultural differences

4. Managing across cultures : communicating direction

  • Getting the team to work toward a common goal
  • Communicating direction: getting your message across using the appropriate style

Module 2: Organisation and roles

1. Managing across organisations

  • Identifying the players and interests in a matrix environment
  • Building on the four cornerstones of transversal management: cooperation, communication, control and community
  • Adapting your management style

2. Defining common process

  • Defining common practices in terms of organization and communication
  • Managing international teleconferences effectively
  • Constructing shared meaning through a range of communication styles

3. Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Identifying the roles/skills needed
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Leveraging complementarity

4. Effective team communication strategies

  • Communicating the operational framework, roles and responsibilities
  • Preventing and managing miscommunication

Module 3: Optimising team synergy

1. Managing across distances

  • Meeting the challenge of managing across distances: leadership, organisation, and relationships
  • Using ICT to optimise efficiency

2. Supporting your team : coaching

  • Empowerment, coaching and feedback
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Adapting your listening style to the other person’s  communication  style

3. Motivating your team

  • Giving feedback in an intercultural environment
  • Improving team performance : affirmative/developmental feedback
  • Adapting your communication style

4. Handling conflict and building a culture of cooperation

  • Cultural attitudes to conflict
  • Communicating difficult messages
  • Surfacing and managing conflict
  • Synergy through differences: best practices

Effective Collaboration within Remote Multicultural Teams


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