Receiving International Customers

Module 1: Understand cultural codes of customers

1. Detect cultural differences

    • Reveal misunderstandings caused by cultural differences
    • Gather people over differences

2. The cross-cultural science, key to succeed with international customers

    • Foundation of the culture and system of values
    • Consciousness of its own cultural background
    • Become aware of differences in perception of a successful and effective welcoming of international customers
    • Detect and overcome stereotypes
    • Decoding communication issues

3. Assess impact of culture on customer relationships

    • Traditional values, habits and taboos
    • Relationship to time (space and consumption, waiting time…)
    • Reasoning style
    • Relationship to others and how to build trust (How to reassure, put at ease…)
    • Relationship to hierarchy and to authority (how am I perceived by others? How to deal with difference in authority?) 
    • Expressing emotions

4. Know the consumer lifestyle

    • Customers diversity, consumers typology
    • Motivation of decision-making: impulse purchase, attraction for foreign products, branding
    • Different consumer habits

Module 2: Maximize relationships with foreign customers

    1. Assess the notion of service

      • The notion of service in other countries
      • Customer's expectations according to culture
      • Creating a climate of trust and providing support
      • Understand a request: active listening, empathy, adaptation and availability

    2. Know how to behave with international customers

      • Notion of personal space
      • Politeness and etiquette 
      • Positive or negative behaviour according to cultures
      • Greetings and introductions (keywords for a warm welcome)
      • Gestures, do’s and don’ts

    3. Communicate effectively with international customers

      • Communication styles, communication types
      • Language barriers
      • Significance and interpretations of words and messages
      • Posture, eye contact, smile (non-verbal communication)
      • Meanings and unconscious messages of non-verbal communication

    Receiving International Customers


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