Expatriates - Securing a Successful Return

1. Back to expatriation

  • Motivations for expatriation
  • Advantages of expatriation
  • What do we now leave behind?


2. Traps of the return from expatriation

  • Personal level. Issues left behind that reappear
  • Family level. Return of the prodigal son?
  • Friendship and social level. Has your former environment changed ?
  • Professional level. Do you feel that your are heard at the head office?


3. Close the chapter of expatriation

  • What do you mourn exactly?
  • The 10 resistances and the 10 leverages to close the chapter of expatriation by Antoine Malarevicz
  • How can mourning make you bounce back?
  • Close the chapter of expatriation in a symbolic way


4. Capitalise on your expat experiences

  • Identify new competencies 
  • Identify new values
  • Make of expatriation a competitive advantage
  • Return to your home country, new project and new start

Expatriates - Securing a Successful Return


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