Working with Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Module 1: Understanding of cultural codes of Northern cultures

1. Intercultural science, the key of international business success

  • Understanding of one's own cultural background
  • The basis of an effective intercultural management
  • Identifying and going beyond cultural stereotypes

2. Key aspects of Northern cultures

  • The intercultural challenge and the "common" language barrier
  • Northern phenomenon
  • Northern countries: a specific geographic area
  • Historical milestones: conflict, cooperation, growth
  • The welfare state and the lutherian inheritage
  • The European issues

3. The Northern countries values

  • Task and relationship: goals set
  • Egalitarian working culture
  • Transparency and simplicity, the core keys for a true relationship
  • Family and parity
  • A well-scheduled time
  • Consensus and goodwill
  • Keeping emotion under control and self-control 
  • "A healthy soul in a healthy body"

4. Business life in Northern countries

  • Structure, hierarchy, control
  • Social partners
  • Working technics and quality rule
  • Professional relationships

Module 2: Maximizing one's professional action within the Northern countries

1. Communicate efficiently with the people of the Northern countries

  • Frankness and clearness of people communication
  • Think and act meticulously
  • Northern meetings
  • Decipher non-verbal communication
  • Working language and the role of the translator

2. Adapt one's working technics

  • Create relationships based on trust
  • Anchor one's credibility: the Northern leadership
  • Succeed in one's projects and team working
  • Meetings and negotiations: communicate towards action
  • Create a shared culture

3. Succeed in one's negotiations in the Northern countries

  • The first contact
  • Anchore one's credibility: rigour, experience and devotion
  • Instaure confidence: listening skill and team decision-making spirit
  • Interview, offer, sales benefits
  • Talking about money
  • Reaction coping with unpredictable things
  • Convincing skill, concluding technic
  • The contract and its implications

4. The last best practices

  • Cautiousness, patience, humility
  • Protocole and etiquette
  • Social codes, dress code, business cards, business gifts, etc
  • Humour but with moderation

Working with Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

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