East Asia - China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan


  • Introduction of participants 
  • The experience of each participant in the East Asian region

Module 1: Understanding cultural differences

1. Cultural awareness: the key to success in international business

  • Taking stock of one's cultural baggage
  • The basics of effective intercultural management
  • Identifying and going beyond stereotypes  

 2. Key aspects of East Asian cultures

  • China in Asia and China’s place in the world
  • Hong Kong: A westernized micro-society within communist China
  • Taiwan: A "nationalistic" and capitalist Chinese island state
  • South Korea: The Land of the Morning Calm and a multiconfessional society
  • Japan: An extremely densely populated chain of islands with a history and civilization based on a thousand-year empire.

 3. The impact of values and behaviour patterns on professional dealings and relationships

  • Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist heritage
  • The concept of ‘face’ and importance of harmony
  • Family values and a sense of community
  • Patriarchy and paternalism
  • The importance of education

4. The East Asian corporate world

  • Structure, hierarchy, control
  • The social partners (management and employees' representatives)
  • Working methods and the notion of quality
  • Professional relationships

Module 2: Working with East Asians

1. Succeed in working with the East Asian cultures

  • Negotiating strategies              
  • Negotiation stages
  • Signing the agreement

2. Effectively managing East Asian teams

  • East Asians and the company
  • Knowing how to use management tools in East Asian countries
  • Developing new management tools
  • Chairing meetings
  • Hiring and firing
  • Motivating teams              

3. Choosing one's partners

  • Corruption
  • Intellectual property
  • Customer-supplier relations
  • Buying patterns
  • Your sales strategy and brand policy

4. A few tips for managers

  • The art of entertaining
  • Protocol and etiquette


  • Questions/Answers
  • Assessment

East Asia - China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan

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