Negotiate with the Chinese

Module 1: understanding the cultural differences

1. Cultural awareness: the key to success in international business

  • Taking stock of one's cultural baggage
  • The basics of effective intercultural management
  • Identifying and going beyond stereotypes 
  • The impact of the Chinese culture on business life
  • Understanding the Chinese key values
  • Identifying the specific values of the young Chinese generations
  • Comparing the Chinese and European values
  • Getting aware of the role of the Chinese state in the negotiations
  • Understanding the process of development in China

2. Understanding the Chinese economic context

  • State owned enterprises, administration, private enterprises
  • The market, the employment and the staff turnover
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • The role of the Communist Party, administration and the trade union

3. Decipher the Profile of the negotiators

  • Analyzing the impact of Chinese values on the behavior of negotiators
  • Identifying the profile of the Chinese negotiators, depending on the regions, the age and professional experience

Module 2: The keys for successful negotiations with the Chinese

1. Analyzing the negotiation strategies

  • Discovering the 36 Chinese stratagems and their impact on negotiation
  • Forming an efficient negotiation team
  • Preparing the negotiation session and elaborating a BATNA
  • Understanding the importance of principles
  • Acquiring a few problem-solving techniques
  • Putting into competition
  • Make your interlocutor unveil their intentions
  • Choosing the right moment

2. Spot the local practices

  • Understanding what the word negotiation means for a Chinese
  • Detecting the excessive concurrence practice
  • Avoiding the non-respect of the contract
  • Being careful with corruption and bribes

3. Elaborating a winning strategy depending on the type of negotiation

  • Setting up a strategy adapted to the following cases : joint venture, equipment sales, sourcing, conflict resolution
  • Negotiation with the government
  • Handling a crisis
  • Identifying the codes to avoid making mistakes
  • Hiring a good interpreter

4. Identifying who makes the decision at a negotiation table

  • Deciphering body language
  • Understanding business etiquette, banquets and karaoke
  • Learning prudence, patience and humility
  • Avoiding sensitive subjects : history, religion, politics
  • Handling humour

Negotiate with the Chinese


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