The Fundamentals of International Communication

1 Discovering fundamentals of communication 

  • How interpersonal communication works
  • Cross-cultural patterns in communication
  • Discovering explicit & implicit communication
  • How we communicate through:
    • Body language & voice tone
    • Clothing & grooming
    • Time management
    • Pro-activity
  • How to construct and give a strong, persuasive oral message

2 Basic communication techniques in professional situations

  • Interviews
    • Cross-cultural patterns in interviews
    • Interactivity techniques: questioning and answering well
    • Knowing how to give and receive appropriate feedback
    • How to brief effectively
  • Participating in small meetings
    • Cross-cultural patterns in small meetings
  • Handling phone conversations
    • Cross-cultural patterns in phone communication
    • Active listening techniques
    • Rewording and asking for confirmation
    • Using appropriate tone of voice and pace
    • Making sure both parties agree on common meanings 
    • Concluding well for next steps
  • Writing emails
    • Defining and stating a clear purpose to the email
    • Using the main point message technique
    • Easing access and readability for the reader
    • Giving the right structure
    • Writing a clear and information-rich title
    • Adding the human touch to a cold medium like email

The Fundamentals of International Communication


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