Process Com®, an intercultural communication tool

1 Controlling the different aspects of one's voice 

  • Talking slower or faster?
  • Talking softer or louder?
  • Varying the intonations
  • Playing with dynamism 

2 Increasing the impact of one's voice

  • Developing one's body presence
  • Making one heard and understood
  • Expressing clearly one's thoughts, emotions, wishes
  • Giving strength to one's words

3 Asserting oneself using one's voice

  • Developing involvement during the speech
  • Developing one's confidence
  • Attracting attention
  • Mastering the sound environment
  • Building relationship
  • Giving a positive image of oneself
  • Developing one's capacity to influence others
  • Going against others' ideas without damaging the relationship
  • Showing gratitude

Process Com®, an intercultural communication tool


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