Intercultural coaching

You want to develop your potentials to master your international professional environment?

Our certified coaches provide support for managers and their teams when exploring their resources and developing their intercultural skills.

The added value of coaching resides in it's ability to stimulate the coachee in discovering their own abilities, enabling them to be better able to perform their duties in a new cultural environment.

A personalized support to find your own keys

Akteos coaches help you find your own cultural codes and develop your managerial keys.

The coachees are then more comfortable when dealing with their work in an international environment and learn how to integrate easily the cultural differences in their way of management and of communication.

A formula designed for managers and intercultural teams

The intercultural coaching offered by Akteos addresses itself mainly to managers and to collaborators of companies who work on an international scale and are implied in intercultural relations, missions, international negotiations,  professional distance relationships, expatriations, working in intercultural teams, or even corporate mergers.

Recognized methods and precise targets

Akteos coaches are certified to well-known recognized organizations (like the ICF). They rely on analytical methods, diagnostics, questioning, or trainings issued from social science and humanity researches.

The most frequent approaches are the following: systematic analysis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), transactional analysis, symbolization, Process-communication and the Gestalt.

Coaching allows a personal and contextualized support in the form of defining objectives, of action plans and in simulated exercises to:

  • Better understand real-life professional situations
  • Co-built with his coach scenarios of progress

Coaching identifies, at each step, the intercultural impact for a better aim at the coaching target. It also includes:

  • Exploring attitudes when facing differences to enable complementarities
  • The awareness of the concept of values and its impact on the professional behaviour
  • Overcoming the stereotypes to transform the cultural differences into business assets
Proceeding of an Akteos coaching
  • Preliminary meeting
  • Diagnostic
  • Tripartite agreement
  • Length: 3 to 6 months

Coachings can intervene as complement of a training, a workshop or a team building.

Goals of an individual coaching

Individual coaching responds to different personal situations:

  • Develop one's leadership
  • Develop one's relational and creative skills
  • Succeed in one's assignment
  • Succeed in a multicultural environment

Goals of a team coaching

Teal coaching aims for the development to maturity of a team, of it's efficiency and of it's "collective intelligence".

  • Reinforce the cohesion
  • Improve the methods
  • Develop a common vision
  • Drive change
  • Work at distance
  • Accompany an international development

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